This is the start of my blog where I will be posting my various adventures in UAS, radios, and other random projects.

Back in middle school I began experimenting with model aircraft and many other hobbies related to model aircraft.  During this period I experienced nearly every part of the hobby from helicopters to aerobatics to combat.  This interest really began to grow on me and when I graduated high school I decided to make it my career.  Today I am studying for my degrees in Unmanned Aerial Systems and Aeronautical Engineering Technology at Purdue University.   I plan to use the knowledge from both of these degrees to enter either the aviation industry as an airline mechanic or the UAS industry as a pilot and data analyst.

I am also involved with several clubs around campus such as the Purdue University Amateur Radio Club where I am currently the Vice President.  In the past I have helped the club rebuild HF amplifiers, perform network diagnostics, and assisted in organizing events.

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